A Hacker is one who Discovers methods for breeching weakness and exploiting the computer system or network.
Most people agree there are three types of Hacking :
Following are the types of hacking –

1. Blackhat Hackers
2. White hat Hackers
3. Grey hat Hackers
Following are the remaining types of hacking
4. Script Kiddie
5. Suicide Hackers
6. A Hacktivist
7. Red Hat Hacker
8. Green Hat Hacker
9. At Hacker
10. Social Media Hacker

1. White Hat Hackers:
White hat Hackers are one who is an ethical and good guy who only tests loopholes in the system. They use multiple methodologies to break into the system only to strengthen them.

2. Black Hat Hackers:
Black Hat Hackers are one who is totally into negative activities. From stealing credit card information, to alter the public database.

He looks only for fame or monetary benefit. Famous black hat hackers have notoriously robbed banks and made millions of dollars.

3. Grey Hat Hackers:
Grey Hat Hackers are one who is mixed with white hat hackers and black hat hackers but not notorious. Grey hat hackers are not looking for any benefit. They exploit the system only to make the information Publicly.

4. Script Kiddie:
Script kiddies are the new ones. The kid of hacking kingdom. They are not responsible for the damage. They only do download hacking software, or pre-written scripts, etc.

5. Suicide Hackers:
Suicide Hackers are one like suicide bombers. They know that they will be caught but they will do hacking for money, fame or it may be by force.

6. A hacktivist:
A hacktivist is a protester of the internet. They break into systems and ask for attention towards issues.

7. Red Hat Hackers:
They are ruthless toward black hat hackers Their main motto is to make infrastructure down. The Red hat hacker looks for black hat hackers make them push out of business

8. Green Hat Hackers:
Green Hat Hackers are one who learns in the world of hacking. They are not responsible for no activity. but, recognizable for what they want to learn.

9. Blue Hat Hackers:
Blue Hat Hackers are amateurs like script kiddies. They use readily available techniques They don’t have any bad intentions. They only affect website traffic etc.

10. Social Media Hackers:
As the name says they hack social media accounts using various techniques. These hackers are similar to black hat hackers.