Let us first begin with what Artificial Intelligence is and why is it the hot topic of this decade?

Artificial Intelligence is the engineering and science of making intelligent machines. Machines that can think like human beings and function like a machine.

Artificial Intelligence in today’s era is more focused on computer programming since this is the Information Technology age. The computer’s capabilities to perform a range of tasks has grown exponentially since its invention.

Artificial Intelligence is a highly technical and specialized field. Researchers and developers of this technology intend to use this in various fields to resolve core problems such as:

  1. Problem Solving Abilities
  2. Learning
  3. Reasoning
  4. Planning
  5. Perception of different humans
  6. Manipulating and moving physical objects
  7. Improving knowledge

So what are the advantages of Artificial Intelligence and how does it intend to shape our future? Here are a few advantages of AI:

  1. Low Error Rate: With machines operating based on computer codes, they are predicted to reduce the human error rate massively.
  2. Tasks will be conducted with incredible precision with accuracy and speed. Hence, increasing the productivity of the tasks
  3. Ability to complete Dangerous tasks. There are a lot of tasks that machines can accomplish without worrying about entering a hostile environment like space exploration, entering and collecting data from a mining or an oil field, etc.
  4. Making useful predictions based on big chunks of data.
  5. Machines unlike humans, don’t need to take rest or breaks without getting tired or bored by a task
  6. Easily replaceable with a similar model or a programming code

Scientists and engineers have made significant advances in Machine Learning over the past few decades. Machines Learning uses neural networks that copycats the process of real neurons of the human brain. Through this, machines can process information for themselves. This is called Deep Learning, and this allows the machines to perform complex functions like Facial Recognition that has become very famous through smartphone brands like Apple and Samsung in recent times.

Apart from Facial Recognition, AI has made great advances in Self-Driving cars, Cyborg Technology, Medical Surgeries, etc.

Although Artificial Intelligence technology is still in its rudimentary stages currently, big data is accelerating the AI development process. In the near future, we will see more integrations of AI technology in our daily lives in a much more sophisticated manner.

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