Customer Engagement Solutions

Make the customer engagements a truely satisfying and seamless experience with CogniCX solutions and services

The Opportunity

Immersive inclusion of devices in daily life

The increasing usage of mobile and portable devices with access to online services and conveniences has led to many process es riding the wave of easy portable access to services.

Increasing demand for purpose speed and turnaround

This burgeoning of technologies advances of personal devices has led to the demand for services and brand interactions that are accurately cognitive, seamlessly interactive, quick and easy.

Customer insistence on quality-oriented rapid response

The new-age device revolution is on its evolutionary journey through its logical progressions, and the comprehensive demand for excellence and speed in brand response has become an expected norm.

Scalability requirement of growing enterprises

E-Commerce and online trade have led to an exponential growth in category size, company outlays and expanding customer base thanks to rapid corporate growth.

Our services:

  • Email, social media & WhatsApp
  • Chatbot & virtual assistence
  • Inbound, outbound, contact center
  • Self-service application
  • Agent productivity tools
  • Speech analytics, WFO
  • Digital first customer engagement platform