Cyber Security Solutions

The most important thing for any business is to secure its network system proactively from both internal and external threats, keeping the enterprise protected and secure.

Understanding the profile of a company paves the way for developing a robust cybersecurity framework that encompasses all security policies and technologies. Monitoring processes that together achieve the purpose of safeguarding the information systems. We, at Cognicx, have been at the cutting edge of executing secure networks utilizing the above techniques in cognizance with the industry standards now and upcoming.

We work to understand a strong cybersecurity framework that is consistent and imperceptible to the association and customers. Having a solid and secure network fortifies the customers' trust in an organization, therefore, enhancing its credibility and building trusted relationships.

Security breaches need to be managed through effective and efficient monitoring and reinforcing security aspect at data, application, endpoint, network, and perimeter level, that’s where Cognicx offers services beyond IT security operations to assist you in:

  • Setting up & running SoC operations.
  • Continuously assess, analyze, recommend, monitor and manage information security risks.
  • Streamline mapping of assets, vulnerabilities, and controls to enable continuous compliance.

What do we do in cybersecurity?

Cognicx Cybersecurity offerings are aligned to your organization, IT/Cybersecurity maturity graph, at each level of your security maturity model we bring in value by providing consulting, training and managed service solutions customized for the breadth and depth of your information technology paradigm.


Help shift from the traditional in-house IT Security practices to managed security services. Providing outsourced monitoring and management of security devices and systems.


Evaluating your organization's security posture with respect to compliance/data privacy/develops/infrastructure security assessment, uncovering gaps &vulnarebilities, and suggesting architectures, solutions, and technologies to keep you protected


Deep technical training provide in-depth knowledge of the subject with a prime focus on hands-on labs that enables attendees to understand the concepts thoroughly.

Perils in the cybersecurity domain
  • The technology scenario is diversifying more complicated along with rapid technology obsolescence impacting delivery.
  • The data and infrastructure security threats getting more complex and impactful.
  • The new technologies, tools, and practices becoming a major impact on tighter budgets.
  • Scarcity of qualified personnel and the associated increase in efforts/budget involved to the source, retain, upskill resource.
  • Awareness and alignment to information security policy within business teams still a serious challenge and gap
  • The risk associated with end-use acceptance to security as a responsibility and acknowledging the deliverables.