cyber security or information securities is the protection of computers from being theft, damage to their hardware, software or electronic data this field is becoming more important because of more reliance on computers and smart devices
What cybersecurity can prevent:
The purpose of cybersecurity is to prevent cyberattacks, data breaches, and identity theft and identity theft and can aid risk management. When an organization has a strong sense of network security and an effective incident response plan, it is better able to prevent and mitigate cyberattacks.

Types of cyber security threats
The process of keeping up with new technologies, security trends and threat intelligence is a challenging task. It’s necessary in order to protect information and other assets from cyber threats, which take many forms

1. Ransomware
It is a type of malware in which an attacker looks for victim’s computer files and unlock it
2. Malware
It is a file or program used to harm the computer such as virus etc
3. Social engineering
It reacts on human interaction to get sensitive information that is typically protected
4. Phishing
It is a fraud where fraud messages and emails are sent.

Benefits of Cyber Security
• Company will be protected from Ransomware Malware, Social engineering, and Phishing
• Protects network and data
• Not allow an unauthorized user
• Improves confidentiality
• Improves confidence in the product to customers

We work to understand a strong cybersecurity framework that is consistent and imperceptible to the association and customers. Having a solid and secure network fortifies the customers’ trust in an organization, therefore, enhancing its credibility and building trusted relationships.

Security breaches need to be managed through effective and efficient monitoring and reinforcing security aspect at data, application, endpoint, network, and perimeter level, that’s where Cognicx offers services beyond IT security operations to assist you in:

• Setting up & running SoC operations.
• Continuously assess, analyze, recommend, monitor and manage information security risks.
• Streamline mapping of assets, vulnerabilities, and controls to enable continuous compliance.

Our securities offering
1 The technology scenario is diversifying and becoming more combinational along with rapid technology obsolescence impacting delivery
2 Data and infrastructure security threats getting more complex and impact
3 The new technologies Tools and practices becoming a major impact on tighter budgets
4 Scarcity od quality personnel and the associated increase in efforts/budget involved to a source, retain, upskill resource
5 Awareness and alignment to information security policies within business teams still a serious challenge and gap
6 Disruption arising out of a cloud, internet of things(loT), ICS/SCADA system, etc. are putting pressure on current established security practices
7 Lack of an effective cyber defense infrastructure, policy, procedure, etc that addresses detecting, responding and protecting key organizational assets
8 The risk associated with end-use acceptance to security as a responsibility and acknowledgment the deliverables
What do we do in cybersecurity
CogniCX cyber =security offerings are aligned to your organizations IT/cybersecurity maturity graph